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We can speed up the transition from fossil fuels to green power ourselves. When Smart Charging, you contribute to a greener and cleaner future.

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Smart Charging

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The app is easy to calibrate and fine-tune based on your requirements. An accessible dashboard lets you view all sorts of information, including savings, usage, and battery status.

Discover a new way of charging using the handy Jedlix app. Everything you need for a sustainable ride with a fully charged battery.

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Receive financial rewards for using the Jedlix app in combination with your Engie Electrabel energy contract!


What is Smart Charging?
With Smart Charging, your electric vehicle is charged when renewable energy production is high and energy cheap. Charging is delayed until when there are peaks in energy consumption. By doing so, we try to ensure that electric cars are mainly charged when sufficient and preferably renewable energy is available. Your freedom will not be limited by the Jedlix app, as the charging process takes into account your preferences (directly charged range, leaving time, availability of the vehicle ...). 

What happens once I submit the registration form?
By registering, you confirm your interest in the Smart Charging program. This does not commit you to accept any commercial offer (from Engie Electrabel or Jedlix). Your registration allows us to provide updates related to the Smart Charging service. You will keep the possibility to unsubscribe at a later moment in time.

Why switch to Engie Electrabel?
Engie Electrabel is the only Belgian energy supplier that supports the Jedlix’ Smart Charging service and enhances the benefits from it. Thanks to your Engie Electrabel energy contract, you can start generating financial bonuses in the app in return for your contribution to the energy transition.
here to switch to Engie Electrabel.

More information on Engie Electrabel's Drive offer
With the Drive offer, you can benefit from a lowered energy rate. Additionally, the entire household will be provided with locally produced renewable energy. By indicating the times when you enjoy lower electricity prices, you can reduce your energy bill with our service and charge cheaper overnight. This represents an additional gain next to the financial bonuses accumulated on your Jedlix account!
here for more information about the Drive offer.

How can I access the Jedlix app?
The application will be available soon in the app stores in Belgium for iOS and Android! Sign up to stay informed.

The Smart Charging program allows you to optimize the charging process of your electric vehicle at home while saving money. Engie Electrabel, largest energy supplier and n°1 renewable energy producer in Belgium, communicates with the Jedlix app. This allows Jedlix to control the charging 

How does it work?

For further questions, please c
ontact us at:

Do I qualify?


Check your eligibility to start generating saving with Smart Charging!

Electric Vehicle
You are the owner of a Tesla or 

another electric vehicle 
(Jedlix will check if you could smart charge with your EV)

Charge at home
Plug-in your car on your home premises
as soon as you come home

Energy contract with Engie Electrabel
Do you have an energy contract from Engie Electrabel? Or are you interested in Engie Electrabel’s Drive tariff, especially designed for electric vehicle drivers?

Not sure if you are qualified to join?
Register below and we’ll look into it together.

Thanks to Jedlix you will reduce your energy bill while charging your electric vehicle during the night. 

Benefit more from your night tariff

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The Jedlix app

✓ Indicate your preferred leaving time and the desired battery level you want to have charged directly 

✓ Receive financial reward for Smart Charging

✓ Check the available range of your car in real time


process and to determine the optimal charging schedule for your car so that it will be charged with the cheapest energy. In combination with the Engie Electrabel energy tariff called Drive, you are sure that your car is charged with locally produced renewable energy.

By using the Jedlix app, your electric vehicle will be charged with sustainable energy at the best price. These moments frequently occur when abundant amounts of wind and solar energy are produced. So, when you come home and plug in your electric vehicle, Jedlix and your energy contract at Engie Electrabel make sure that your car is charged as sustainably as possible. And you get a financial reward in return for your help.

Our intelligent app calculates the optimal charging plan based on:

Your preferences  (e.g. estimated leaving time)

The available capacity on the power grid

The availability of renewable energy

The energy wholesale market price during the charging session



The app is now available for Android and iOS !